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‘We will stand by their side’

After last month’s violent events in el-Geneina, West Darfur State, a group of young people formed Nafeer el-Geneina, an initiative that assists the victims and advocates for peace in Sudan.

Darfur: Time to return home?

Settling the 17-year-old violent conflict in the west Sudanese region of Darfur and repair damage done by ousted President Omar al-Bashir’s regime will take time, leaving millions of displaced in a state of uncertainty.

Piles of problems

Waste in Khartoum, which is not being disposed of and recycled as fast as it is being produced, is heaping up around the capital and causing various environmental and health issues.

Diversity at risk

Sudan is vibrant with hundreds of plant and animal species, but violence, pollution and climate change threaten to drive many life forms into extinction.