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Elections in Sudan: hope and frustration

Sudan’s democratic transition drags on, with the general elections now scheduled for late 2023 or early 2024, although the transitional government’s term ends in 2022. Sudan’s political transition is in a precarious phase, with the country’s youth oscillating between hope and frustration.

Can political Islam make it in post-revolution Sudan?

The 30-year authoritarian rule by the Islamist National Congress Party (NCP) came to an end in April 2019. While Islamists are still active in the military, the security and the civil service, their political future and chances to ascend to power again are uncertain.

Sudan’s deep state: reality or pretence?

In April 2018, the Sudanese people ousted their long-ruling, ageing autocrat Omar al-Bashir – a victory of people from all walks of life. However, Sudan’s post-Bashir transformation seems stifled by, as some argue, enduring networks of power and counter-revolutionary forces.