Author: Omar Al-Farouk

Omar Al-Farouk

Omar Al-Farouk, a seasoned Sudanese journalist since 2010, has edited for leading papers like Al-Sahafa and Al-Hadatha. Currently, he's a news editor and reporter for regional websites, including Mada Masr, and is active in combating misinformation. As a novelist, he won the Tayeb Salih Award for his 2022 work "The Flume of Souls" and has authored two other novels and a collection of short stories.

The Junction: Awaiting the Reunion

In the heart of Nairobi’s bustle, Sudanese journalist “A.B.” finds echoes of Omdurman, as the diaspora’s collective yearning for reunion grows amidst the scattered lives wrought by war. His daily odyssey through memories and newsfeeds is a stark reminder of the resilience required when home is a feeling, not just a place.

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