Author: Hassan Berkia

Hassan Berkia

Hassan Berkia, of his full name Hassan Mohammed Hassan Ahmed, was born in Dongola, Sudan, in 1974. Hassan received a degree in Media - Journalism and Publishing in 2000. Hassan served as editor in the Al-Ra'y Al-Akhar and Al-Adwaa newspapers. He also worked as the chief of the political section in the newspaper Sawt Al-Uma and and as a diplomatic affairs editor in the newspaper Al-Shark Al-Alamiya. Hassan joined the MICT Sudan/South Sudan project in 2009 and he is currently working as an editor in the newspaper Al-Jareeda of Sudan. Hassan received a good number of trainings inside and outside Sudan. He is interested in all topics related to human rights and is active in this area. Since childhood, Hassan was fond of reading and writing. Some of his favourite hobbies are swimming and climbing tall palm trees. This probably goes back to his childhood, as especially as Dongola is famous for being the home of dates in Sudan.

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